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A minister in Jersey City, New Jersey named REGINALD MCRAE is aware of what might occur when families lack life insurance.

The 56-year-old says, "I've accepted donations and offerings for people who lost loved ones who did not have adequate coverage." Leslie Franks McRae, a skilled grant writer, and McRae don't want it to happen to them. They also want to make sure there is enough money for Keenan, 23, and Kanya, 20, to finish college if McRae or his wife were to pass away. "You would like another source of cash when you have two incomes and you lose one," the 54-year-old Leslie explains.

The Insurance Information Institute    

For those reasons, the couple has always had life assurance. They chose term policies, temporary life assurance that gives coverage for a selected period of your time, or term, because it's less costly and that they believe they'll have less of a requirement for all times insurance once their two children are self-sufficient. Their old life assurance policies expired earlier this year and therefore the couple purchased two 10-year, $100,000 policies in May. They even have about $400,000 between them in life assurance through their jobs. The McRaes also bought for his or her children two $100,000 term life policies, which Keenan and Kanya can convert to permanent life assurance policies in five years.

According to the 2013 Insurance Barometer Study conducted by LIMRA (a network of life assurance and financial services companies) and therefore the Life and insurance Foundation for Education, 85% of consumers said that the majority people have a requirement for all times insurance, yet only 62% have actually purchased it The study also found that 33% of consumers say they are doing not have enough life assurance.

Here's the way to determine what proportion life assurance you would like and the way to shop for a policy to guard your family.

Determine what proportion you would like. The Insurance Information Institute advises purchasing a policy which will disburse enough to exchange all of your income and employer-provided benefits, and to hide burial expenses and other costs associated with your death. "With life assurance, you are looking at how your family can maintain an equivalent standard of living after you die," says Michelle Oliver, a Midlothian, Virginia-based financial adviser with Virginia Asset Management.

To determine this number, consider your salary and therefore the price of your benefits, like a corporation match to your 401(k) or the quantity your employer pays for your family's health coverage. Multiply that number by the amount of years you expect to figure in your lifetime. If you're getting to finance your children's college education, factor that cost in. Also include funeral expenses, which as of 2012 averaged $7,045, consistent with the National Funeral Directors Association. …

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